Tahir Jawaid

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Mr. Tahir Jawaid has joined The Hunar Foundation as “Chief Executive Officer (CEO)” from May 15, 2023. He brings a wealth of experience and expertise, with an impressive track record of leadership in the Energy & FMCG sectors. He has 30+ years of experience and expertise in Fertilizer & Petrochemical Sectors and has had leading roles in Management of HR, E&I, Planning, Materials Warehouse Management, Purchasing & Implementation of Materials & Maintenance Management Systems. Also, he has demonstrated a deep commitment to empowering individuals through education and skills development.

As CEO, Mr. Tahir Jawaid will provide strategic direction, oversee operations, and work closely with the board of directors to advance the THF mission and expand its reach. His leadership will be instrumental in strengthening the existing THF programs, improvement of processes and procedures, enhancing the quality of the product, and developing new initiatives to further empower and make a significant impact in the lives of the youth of Pakistan.