Building a Healthier, Happier Tomorrow

For a Healthier Future

Welcome to Hunar Cares, a pioneering endeavor by The Hunar Foundation committed to closing skill gaps in healthcare. Our innovative approach, strong partnerships, and dedication are transforming healthcare. Explore the future with us as we expand to train Lay Counsellors, Physiotherapy Assistants, Critical Care Assistants, Community Health Managers, and Medical Receptionists—empowering individuals and elevating healthcare standards.

In the wake of ongoing reforms in the health sector and to further strengthen health systems, there was a need for a strategic plan to develop a human resource pool that would respond to the needs of the population and health care challenges.

The importance of nursing assistants is amplified as a reaction to the shortage of registered nurses. In light of the insight of this huge skill gap, The Hunar Foundation launched Hunar Cares and introduced the BNA (Basic Nursing Assistant) program with a commitment to invest in developing a skilled workforce in the healthcare industry.

After the initial planning stages, the pilot program of Basic Nursing Assistant was launched in January 2023, incorporating the vision and insight of the executive committee members of Hunar Cares.  The pilot started with 49 students, with an even split between males and females. The project started with a focused marketing campaign and signed MOUs to partner with key players in the healthcare industry. The population resonated well with the project, both in terms of enrollment and placement.  All enrolled students paid their fees and they are provided with training and placements as care attendants to shape their career goals.

Hunar Cares as a new division of THF has made significant progress in its goal of training healthcare attendants. At the same time, the new division has succeeded in building relationships internally ensuring alignment across the organization, creating a space for idea sharing, discussion and collective brainstorming.

The future scope for further work in the Training Programs includes the following:

  • Lay Counsellor
  • Physiotherapy Assistant
  • Critical Care Assistant
  • Community Health Managers
  • Medical Receptionists