THF Story

More than a decade ago, a group of like-minded individuals realized that a majority of the youth of Pakistan, particularly in the middle and lower-income segments, after completing their high school, lost their direction and had no guidance or counselling about their future careers.

Also, as a fast-developing economy, there was a growing requirement for skilled manpower in Pakistan across multiple sectors and thus narrowing the gap between demand and supply of skills. Hence, there was a compelling need to launch a world-class skill development platform that would impart skills to the marginalized youth of our country. Thus, an idea was born and The Hunar Foundation (THF) came into being in 2008.

THF Essence

The Hunar Foundation (THF) is a Not-for-Profit Organization (NPO), established in 2008 by a group of like-minded Pakistanis, to empower and enable the marginalized youth of Pakistan with vocational and technical skills. THF’s objective is to act as a catalyst in the field of education for catalytic action and increase the number of youth engaged in productive work, consequently alleviating poverty and making them contributing members of the society.

Today, THF is Pakistan’s largest private-sector NPO in the TVET category, committed to its vision, which is to train and certify more than 100,000 students annually by 2025-26. This will equip our youth with advanced vocational and technological skills, that will enable them to gain employment locally & globally and thus transform them into bread earners.

THF USA, Canada and UK are tax-exempt registered charities of The Hunar Foundation.

Why Hunar


Only 64 out of 1,000 citizens of Pakistan acquire vocational development skills formally or informally


Vocational Skills
Work Ethics
Job Placement


Youth With Income Generating Capabilities
Skilled Workforce
Target National & International Employment Demands
Motivated & Confident Youth


SDG 1 –
Alleviating poverty
SDG 4 –
Gender equality
SDG 8 –
Decent work & economic growth
SDG 16 –
Peace, justice & strong institutions

Strategic Objectives

Our Vision

Creating a new cadre of skilled Pakistanis with internationally recognized technical qualifications thereby, opening up a new world of opportunities.

A Skilled Pakistan

Our Mission

  1. To initiate a movement to skill the motivated illiterate
    semi-literate and literate.
  2. To provide technical training ‘with a difference’ in the quality of skills as well as ethical, social and moral values
  3. To be a self-sustainable model through:
    • Providing marketable skills which are internationally accredited and that will help to improve the image of the trades in society.
    • Providing customer-oriented and industry specific skills.

Our Core Values

Honesty With Humility

Nurture an environment that places high value on honesty, mutual respect and selflessness in all aspects, of student work and working life.

Responsibility with Accountability

Have the ability to accept responsibility and take ownership of the task until completion.

Excellence With Passion

Commitment to achieving goals through the high standards of technical skills being offered.

Quality Time With Quality Work

Taking pride to aim and excel in all aspects of work and training.

Tolerance With Teamwork

Develop an understanding of the significance of teamwork that includes principles of tolerance, respect and joint effort.

Health And Safety

Cultivate recognition of high standards of health (hygiene and cleanliness) and safety at the workplace and personal lives.

Above All

Punctuality, reliability, and respect for other's property and a positive attitude and safety at the workplace and in personal lives.

Our Goal

Our goal is to train & certify 100,000+ young men & women annually by 2025-26 and transform them into Agents of Change.