We select our trades on the following criteria: They are demand driven. THF researches industry needs for the short and long term future.
Then it develops and launches courses designed to meet these requirements. They also lead to self-employment and entrepreneurship, especially for women.
THF also teaches them trades that can help them run their businesses easily from home .

current courses

Mechanical Manufacturing (Machinist)

Motorcycle Maintenance (Mechanic)

Piping & Plumbing

Industrial Electrician

Fabrication and Welding

3D Animation, VR & Simulation

Advanced Mechanical Technology (CNC)

Basic Computer Aided Designing - Civil

Customer Service Representatives

Basic Microsoft Office

Heating, ventilation, Air- Conditioning & Refrigeration (HVACR)

Hospitality Experts

Hair Dressing

Style & Glamour Makeup

Hair Coloring Techniques

Industrial Sewing

Basic Manicure & Pedicure

Beauty Therapy

Personal & Personality Grooming

Mechatronics Boot camp: A Gateway to Emerging Technologies

Explore the Future with iOS App Development

Fundamentals of Algorithms with Python

Scratch for Game Developers

Additive Manufacturing for Innovative Design

Game Development with Unreal Engine


Advance Design, Manufacturing & Fabrication Techniques

Laser Cutting
Furniture Making

Robotics/ Industrial

Swift Programming
App Development

Retail Therapy

Certificate in

Certificate in Agro

Certificate in Cooking
and Baking