Muhammad Nabeel Baig

Graduated in 2019

Living in the rural district of Liaquatabad, Muhammad Nabeel Baig’s sizeable family of 5, consisting of a sole wage-earner: Nabeel’s father, struggled to keep his head above water. Hence, it was a blessing for them when Nabeel joined THF after he completed his Matriculation.

He enrolled at THF’s Tariq Road Campus, Karachi in Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration (HVACR) and was able to start his own workshop after graduation. Nabeel credits the turning point of his life to THF which made major changes in his “financial growth and personal grooming”.

During his course, Nabeel was selected for an Entrepreneurship course at IBA University which he joined after his graduation from THF, enabling him with the skills to start his own prosperous venture. He believes he should inspire others with his personality and sense of achievement, hence recommends THF to anyone looking to make a difference in their life.

Now Nabeel is flourishing in his life with a generous earning Rs.50, 000 and has given him the capability to not only make provision his own family but have also hired other THF graduates improving their standard of living.


Qurat ul Ain

Graduated in 2019

A submissive 20 years old Qurat-ul-Ain, waiting for her HSC examination results got the fortune of hearing about THF from a friend which changed her life. Being a driver, her struggling father was the sole earner in the family whose earnings were not sufficient enough.

However, their turn of fortune came when Qurat enrolled herself at THF’s Saddar Campus, Karachi in Beauty Therapy course. She claims that “The day I graduated from THF and got employed as Beauty Advisor was the turning point in the life of me and my family.” Qurat was a quick learner and used this untapped potential of hers to graduate and be noticed by a French Company: Yves Rocher. She started earning over Rs.25, 000 per month within just few months, quickly became a supplemental breadwinner for her family, easing the burden on her father and allowing her family to experience more than just bare necessities.

She shares her story in her social network to inspire people and her transformation leaves a powerful image in people’s minds. Qurat thanks THF for her success, sense of independence, confidence and inspiration to start her own business and pursue further education in the future.

ammarah Waseem

Ammarah Waseem

Graduated in 2019

Ammarah Waseem is a prime example of THF’s graduating success story. She has a family of 5 members living in Quaidabad, where her husband was the sole earner of the family bringing in an inadequate income. Ammarah was following her dream of being a beauty professional by pursuing a bachelor's degree and working in various salons, learning different applications of makeup.

It was her lucky day when she found out about THF from social media and enrolled herself in Beauty Therapy course. Ammarah credits the techniques she learned in THF as different and quite effective by applying which has given her a great exposure in the field. She highly recommends our technical training institutes to anyone trying to become an independent skilled worker.

She inspires others with her journey as having 3 children and completing a 6-months course is no menial task and passes this rigor & hard work onto her children. Ammarah has achieved her dream of having her own salon, the “Dona Rosa” and subsequently became the Brand Ambassador for Moral, earning Rs.30, 000 monthly. This polished and skilled individual has made a contribution to the beauty industry in Pakistan because of THF’s contribution in her life.

Ambreen Ahmed


Graduated in 2018

Leading a tough life, Ambreen Ahmed was married to a man who soon shattered all her dreams by leaving her alone to struggle with small kids to take care of. Being a single parent who did not had anyone to fall back upon, she faced difficulties with each passing day in making both ends meet by herself.

Her life took a positive turn when she came to THF through an admission drive, got herself enrolled in the Beauty Therapy course and graduated in 2018. Making people look beautiful gave her an edge in life to take care of herself and her kids with much dignity. Ambreen is now confidently working at a renowned Beauty Salon in Karachi along with providing freelance services from home. An independent mother is now able to send her children to school, paying off utilities and financing all their expenses on her own, no more a burden on the society.


Ayaz Uddin

Graduated In 2016

After the sudden death of his father, Ayaz uddin, being the eldest amongst the four siblings, suddenly became responsible for taking care of his family. At a time when he was looking into abyss of uncertainty, Ayaz saw a beacon of hope in the shape of THF and he immediately enrolled into Electrical & Electronics course at THF Tariq Road Campus, Karachi Institute.

While taking classes in the morning, Ayaz worked at THF in the afternoons to provide for his family. His hard work and determination paid off, when in less than a year after his graduation Ayaz set up his own business named '5 Star Engineering’ and earning Rs.50,000 monthly.

Today, at the young age of 22, Ayaz is not only supporting his family but has also employed 10 THF graduates in his company and is taking THF's mission forward by giving others an opportunity to break the cycle of poverty and build a sustainable future.


Rahmeen Fiza

Graduated In 2016

The story of Rahmeen Fiza is a testament of how THF is empowering young girls towards financial independence. She came to THF as a shy girl who was not even confident enough to speak among peers. It all changed after her enrollment in THF, where she was not only given training in hair and Beauty Therapy but also groomed as a confident speaker. She now aspires to work for women empowerment in Pakistan.

Rahmeen belonged to a humble background, after Intermediate decided to take charge of her life and took admission at THF’s Saddar Campus, Karachi. Her hard work paid off and she secured a job at Perfect Beauty Salon in Ajman, United Arab Emirates. Now at the age of 22, Rahmeen is a young, confident, independent girl who is earning over AED 2,500 and supporting not just her family but also her brother's education.

Being a strong supporter of female empowerment herself, Rahmeen took three of her batch mates to work alongside her in UAE and consequently gave them the opportunity to improve their livelihood and support their families.


Saeed Mohammad Ahmed

Graduated In 2016

Many students from economically challenged families across Pakistan are now overcoming their financial limitations by achieving pinnacles of success after learning technical skills. These skills enable them to have a career path and become contributing members of the society. One such high achiever is Saeed Mohammad Ahmed, a proud THF graduate of 2016.

Saeed belonged to a poor family who barely had enough to make two ends meet, therefore, Saeed could not pursue further studies after completing his matriculation. Roaming around on the streets with no direction in life, financial instability and demotivation; his life had no purpose.

By enrolling himself at THF’s Bedian Campus, Lahore in Refrigeration & Air Conditioning course, it turned into a prosperous story of raising oneself from poverty to success. This voyage of acquiring skills has helped Saeed gain rich experience as an AC & Refrigeration Technician giving him a confidence to open up his own shop. Saeed can now contribute towards family income, supports his brother's education and pays medical bills of his mother; raising his socio-economic positioning within the immediate family.


Hafsa Irfan

Graduated in 2018

Hafsa Irfan, a young energetic girl belonging to a middle class family had a passion to pursue her career in Customer Services but could not do so because of her financial constraints and had to discontinue her education after Matriculation.

This was when she came across THF through an Admission Drive and enrolled herself in Call Center Training program at THF’s Saddar campus, Karachi. As soon she completed her Customer Service Representative course at THF in 3 months, she was offered a job at IBEX (Subsidiary of TRG International) and with her extra-ordinary performance was awarded "Exceptional Performer” for the Quarter award within just few months of her service. Hafsa is earning Rs.25, 000 with other perks and incentives offered by the company and is now able to pay medical bills of her retired and paralyzed father, making him proud.

Hafsa proudly recommends others to study at THF in various courses offered, especially girls to pursue their dreams for a brighter future and become empowered. She also admitted her sister in the same program she studied and thanks THF for being the catalyst of her professional progress and the financial stability of her family.

sunny Davil

Sunny Davil

Graduated in 2014

Sunny Davil is one of a real gem in the history of THF, as the institution proved to be a great platform for him to achieve his dreams. He dreamt of becoming an engineer all his life but because of coming from a low income background the financial crises at home could not let him study at an engineering college. Instead he used to help his father run a small general store that the family owned to support their daily expenses.

For Sunny the building of THF was nothing less than an engineering college. The friendly environment at THF, the cooperative instructors and the available equipment and machines all contributed to providing Sunny with the technical expertise he needed to become an expert in his desired field. After graduating from THF, Sunny secured a job in ‘United Energy Pakistan’ with an income of Rs.50, 000 monthly to support his family. This salary enables him to help his father run the household and to support his sister in learning the skills as a beautician. He also pays for his brothers tuition fees while on the weekends, Sunny helps his father run the shop.

Sunny is one great example of a self-made man. Not only his parents but people living in the locality are also proud of him. He proved to be a role model for other young boys in his vicinity.

Muhammad Aslam (2)

Muhammad Aslam

Graduated in 2018

Muhammad Aslam comes from a small town in district Hyderabad called Jhan Mori. He came across THF ad in newspaper which told him about the scholarships THF was offering in different technical courses. This motivated him to get enrolled for the Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Trade and become a part of THF’s Rashidabad Campus.

After completing his 6 months course and passing City and Guilds (C&G, UK) and Trade Testing Board (TTB, Pakistan) exams he started working with a local contractor but was also searching for some better opportunities. Aslam was so well taught and trained at THF that he soon got a job as an RAC Technician. He was offered a handsome salary of Rs.30, 000 per month, which was quite sufficient for Muhammad Aslam to support his family well.

On the other hand, another thing that he was proud of was that Technician RAC was working on the Gas Crisis in Pakistan which allowed him to do something good for his country. The skills he learnt from THF made him into a very responsible and respectful person of the society.

Shahid Latif (1)

Shahid Latif

Graduated in 2016

Shahid, a resident of Hando Gujran and son of a salesman, with the dual responsibility of supporting his family & managing finances to educate himself was struggling hard to make both ends meet. His passion for teaching and a desire to improve his standard of living, made him put his heart & soul in completing his Bachelors, however he was still unable to secure employment and improve the livelihood of his family. This is when a relative recommended him to THF & he immediately enrolled himself in the Mechanical Course, with an urge to get a skill and support his parents.

Shahid proved himself to be a hardworking & intelligent student, after completing his technical training from THF in Dec 2015. He joined THF’s Bedian Campus, Lahore as a Workshop Assistant fulfilling his desire of teaching. He is now a self-motivated, confident person whose support has greatly improved the conditions of his family.