Karachi June 23, 2018: The News Education Expo is one of the major events organized in the field of education and training, as most of the participants are well-established organizations, higher education institutions and public-authorities.

Each year, the Fair also hosts public services and semi-state bodies so that they can inform the public, especially the young people regarding potential career and employment opportunities.

This year during the expo, THF project “Wire buzzer pool game” was presented individually by THF students which attracted the attention of many important stakeholders (notable individuals, official bodies, parents, teenagers, teachers and youth workers). The project was solely designed by the students of THF and they gave their audience a comprehensive demonstration about its working.

THF is a nonprofit organization formed to act as a catalyst to promote vocational training in Pakistan, raise the bar of technical training in Pakistan with internationally certified qualification and make our graduates employable in Pakistan and abroad. We continuously enhance technical skills of our instructors by sending selected instructors to Australia, Germany and the US, besides inviting instructors and advisors from Germany and Australia for month-long sessions in Pakistan.

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