ibex. Pakistan and THF have joined hands to meet the increasing need of the growing customer solutions and Tele service industry. ibex is Pakistan’s leading CLX (Customer Lifecycle Experience) company headquartered in U.S, with one of the most diverse client bases that provide software solutions, contact center services, sales & marketing and technical support and deploy its clearview platform that helps brands manage and optimize their customer experience.

THF is a professionally managed, non-profit Organization working to provide Technical Education & Vocational Training in Pakistan. The objective of THF is to provide school graduates and other young adults with international standard vocational trainings that meet market expectations, leading to employment or small business creation. These trainings lead to economic freedom and empowerment of the society. ibex vision and goal has been to promote youth employment in Pakistan and the collaboration with the THF is of critical importance because of it. Through this partnership, THF will work alongside ibex. in Pakistan as a training partner and provide Customer Solutions and Tele Service trainings to the youth.

Successfully trained and certified graduates of THF will also have an opportunity for ON-JOB-TRAINING (OJT) at ibex. to showcase their skills and will have an opportunity to get selected to join the ibex. Pakistan team. This partnership, will fulfill the growing need of ibex. Pakistan to provide better business solutions to its customers and also help THF fulfill its Vision of “A SKILLED PAKISTAN”.