The event was made possible by Anwar Maqsood generously offering it to THF asking only for rental charges of Arts Council for the evening. At the end of the play he even returned that to THF as a gesture and marking it his contribution to THF.

The event was well attended by partners and cause supporters of THF, including Consul General US, some more foreign guests and well known personalities and celebrities. A five minute documentary of THF was shown prior to the play and one of THF Trustees, Mr. Shahid Abdullah, spoke about Hunar’s vision for “A Skilled Pakistan’.

Two former students also shared their amazing learning experience at the THF and explained how it had helped them become better human beings with the all-round grooming. The young man is now working for a multinational and also pursuing higher studies while the girl who did a Beautician’s course was working full time in a beauty parlour and has now got a highly paid job in Dubai also in a beauty parlour chain there.

One of the Trustees of THF , Mr. Abbas Akberali, owner of Amreli Steels, also announced at the end of the play a donation by his company of Rs. 25 million to THF to establish a new institute. It may be mentioned that he also made the announcement that his company, Amreli Steels, will sponsor 10 students annually in THF till perpetuity!!

The Friends of THF, comprising of spouses and other friends of the Trustees, who were the force behind this event in terms of organizing and selling tickets, also presented a small gift to each cast and crew member. The gift was an item made by the students of THF. Anwar Maqsood encouraged the audience to visit THF facility to observe the trainings provided to the deserving and needy students.