The Hub Power Company (HUBCO) has signed an MOU with THF, Karachi to increase their sponsorship of students living near Hub Power Plant, Baluchistan, from 10 to 50.

HUBCO will cover their tuition fee, boarding and lodging charges, for a period of one year at THF Delhi Mercantile Society Technical Institute and the Hajiani Ashraf Khatoon Technical Institute in Rashidabad, (Tando Allahyar district). THF will assist and facilitate accommodation for these students.

The selected students will get trainings in the trades in which their competency and aptitude test is judged best for. The students will also get career guidance and life skills training as is the standard curriculum of all institutes in THF.

With an extensive CSR and community outreach program, HUBCO and CMHGC aim to improve the living standards of the local community by offering them opportunities of development through capacity building and competency enhancement vocational trainings. To inspire young entrepreneurs, Shell Tameer