The very edifice of Hunar Foundation is the integrity of the Trustees and proof of concept they have provided by setting up iconic Not For Profit organisations and Academic institutions like The Citizens Foundation, The Kidney Center, Karachi Relief Trust, Indus Hospital, The Indus Valley School of Art & Architecture to name just few.

In keeping with Hunar Foundation’s view of good governance and transparency, Hunar Foundation employs the services of one of the top four audit firms of Pakistan, E & Y Ford Rhodes Sidat Hyder, as auditors.

The management is comprised of C-Suite executives from the corporate sector with the top four executives having held CEO positions previously in public limited companies.

Besides that the Heads of Departments are thorough professionals and specialised in their professed functions.

Hunar Foundation has already raised over Seven million dollars for the eight institutes that are operational or in process of being completed in 2017.

Besides this Hunar Foundation has passed the intensive due diligence process of British Asian Trust and Pakistan Center for Philanthropy, both of which required audit processes spread over several weeks.

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