Success Stories

Hunar Students' Stories

Hunar offers the students a high quality learning environment of international standards. The workshops are well equipped and the courses designed to meet industry requirements.This ensures a high degree of employability for Hunar graduates.

Taj Bibi

Graduated in 2018

Success is measured in an individual’s life by their ability to find a new direction after life throws them off the path. The Hunar Foundation takes pride in acknowledging the hard work of one of our dedicated student who proved herself through constant efforts by gaining skills in her field of interest.

Rahmeen Fiza

Graduated in 2016

At the tender age of 21, Rahmeen is earning over AED 2,500 and supporting her family along with funding her brother’s education.

Ayaz Uddin

Graduated in 2016

Ayaz is the proud owner of his own business under the name of 5 Star Engineering, earning a minimum of Rs. 50,000 per month, and has employed 8-10 THF graduates.

Anam Zahoor

Graduated in 2016

Only 19 years of age, she is now working in Nadia Hussain’s salon has a hair colourist’s helper and contributing to the family income along with her father. She aspires to pursue higher education.


Graduated In 2015

Her objective for taking up this course was to provide quality hair dressing, make up and grooming services at a low cost to the less privileged.

Paras Bahram

Graduated in 2014

Having an interest in vocational training, Paras Bahram who resides in Lyari had shown passion in repair and has always been eager to master the trade. As a student of THF DMS Technical Institute, Paras began his journey in the year 2013 and was offered admission in refrigeration and air conditioning repair trade. He successfully completed the one year diploma and secured his job as a trainee at Nabsons Pakistan.

Farman Ali

Graduated in June 2014

Graduated as a Plumber from THF HAKTI. He is now working as a plumbing supervisor in maintenance department at SST Public School, Rashidabad, Tando Allahyar.

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