Hunar has a defined and systematic process by which students are inducted, taught employable trades and then assisted with placement in the industry.

To create awareness among intended students and their parents about admissions in Hunar Institutes; three types of activities are conducted. These activities are primarily conducted by Principals and teachers / instructors of the institutes. They are supported by the Marketing Department


First; geographical catchment area of each institute is defined and a list of all secondary schools / colleges is prepared.

With the help of school / college principals, community representatives and local NGOs; introductory sessions with students of Matric are conducted before board examination.

Importance of vocational courses offered by Hunar Technical Institutes is explained and brochures / leaflets are distributed to intended students in these sessions

Road Shows

Stalls are operated in local events and main gathering points in the catchment area. These stalls can be a fixed physical booth or mobile van. Announcement about admissions in Hunar Technical Institutes are made from these stalls.

Visiting students and their parents are briefed about vocational courses and leaflets are handed over to them.

open day

Open day provides a great opportunity for prospective students, friends and their families to come to institute.

On open day; vocational courses offered are explained, trades taught demonstrated, induction and placement process outlined, success stories shared, with a detailed institute tour for prospective students.

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