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Hunar Foundation Delhi Mercantile Society Technical Institute, Karachi

Delhi Mercantile Society Technical Institute (DMSTI) is the first ever institute of Hunar Foundation. It started its operations in 2009. The institution can facilitate approximately 440 students altogether in morning and evening shifts. DMSTI is located at Tariq Road which is the center of Karachi City.

Hunar Foundation Hajiani Ashraf Khatoon Technical Institute, Rashidabad, Sindh

Located at Tando Allahyar on main Mirpur Khas Road, it is the second institute of Hunar Foundation, and was established in 2012. The institution can facilitate approximately 1,000 students altogether in morning and evening shifts.

Hunar Foundation Farouq Ahmed and Aftab Shamsi Technical Institute, Bedian Road, Lahore

Farouq Ahmed and Aftab Shamsi Technical Institute (FAASTI) started functioning in the year 2014. The institute has a total capacity of 1,500 students for both morning and afternoon shifts.

Hunar Foundation Sahib Dad Abdul Mannan Khan Technical Institute, Kharian

Sahib Dad Abdul Mannan Khan Technical Institute (SDAMKTI) is the most recent edition to Hunar Foundation’s campuses. The institute is located in Kharian, Jhelum and can accommodate around 1000 students.

Hunar Foundation PakArab Technical Training Institute, Khanewal Road, Multan

Set up in collaboration with PAKARAB Fertilizers, the institute is spread over 2 acres housed inside the PakArab fertilizer plant located at Khanewal Road, Multan. It started it's operations in January 2017 and have a capacity to teach up to 800 students at any point in time. Currently, the trades that are being taught are Mechanical Manufacturing and Electrical & Electronics but will expand to include more trades by mid next year.

Hunar Foundation Central Vocational Institute For Women, Karachi

Hunar Foundation Vocational Institute for Women is the first women institute established by Hunar Foundation. The pilot institute started operating in the year 2015 with over 60 graduates in the field of Beautician and Hair Dressing. The upcoming institutes in Saddar and Korangi will have a combined total capacity of close to 1000 students with more women friendly trades like Industrial stitching, Cooking & Baking, Housekeeping, besides English and Computers to begin with.

Upcoming Institutes by mid 2018

Hunar Foundation Korangi Campus, Ibrahim Hyderi Road, Korangi, Karachi

Spread over 4.5 acres this campus will include both men’s and women’s institute as well as a teacher training institute. This is because teaching vocational skills is a specialist field. Once completed, it will be able to house about 2000 students.

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