Currently In the global arena, countries fight for Economic Independence. With various burgeoning economic problems, youth employability has also become a raging concern.

The youth needs to be gainfully employed and contribute to the national economy of their respective country. Yet, youth employability remains the Achilles heel to most countries’ economic woes.

While a myriad of challenges are facing the formal and informal education streams, the employers on the other hand also face skill shortage. The result- an increasing gap between the academic qualification and skills needed by the industry.

A major report commissioned by the City and Guilds group, indicates to this “mismatch” as an international problem.

The best answer to this growing mismatch between the supply and demand for skills is TVET -Technical & Vocational Education.

Every passing day, economies and businesses are positioning their efforts to focus on practical, vocational education. The need of the hour is to see where the economies are heading, and how to match their future needs with their current supply of labour.”

Finland provides for an excellent case study, where there have been systematic efforts to upgrade the TVET. As a result, over 50% Finnish youth opt for these programmes, apart from general education.

South Africa is waking up to the need of vocational training. They plan to have around 2.5 million students in vocational colleges over the next 20 years.

Similar measures are being taken in the UK. They want to deploy around 3 million apprentices to boost their economy and cut back unemployment.

Germany, Austria, Denmark, Netherlands and Switzerland have active vocational learning systems, that helped them achieve lowest rates of unemployment in the under 25s.

The need is being increasingly felt by most countries, and the negative stigma attached to vocational training has now decreased. Counties realise that the Youth must be guided towards vocational training. This is THE way to get the best return on investment!

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