The industrial needs have radically changed. In 1950, 80% of the jobs globally were classified as unskilled. Now 85% of the jobs are classified as “skilled”

South East Asian economies, including Pakistan, need to ask themselves if technical training is the answer to youth unemployment…

The answer is definitely a resounding yes!!

As Mian Mansha says,

“Three to four million people are entering the job market every year but many remained jobless.”

Right now, Pakistan faces a Youth Bulge, with around 50 million in the age group of 17-28 years. 32% of youth is illiterate in Pakistan, whereas 8.2% youth is unemployed.

The need of the hour is to give youth, especially the disadvantages and underrepresented segments more options professionally.

There is an oversupply of social science and business graduates but an under-supply of engineers, scientists and technicians.

There is a shortage of proper skilled personnel. The absence of excellence in many technical and vocational fields is costing us economically as a nation. With acute shortage of academic institution with respect to population, we need an alternative that paves ways for the disadvantaged social segments towards economic independence and employability.

TVET -Technical & Vocational Education is characterized as marketable and economically relevant education for the youth.

The changing nature of work is perceptible both globally and nationally. With an influx of new technologies, countries like Pakistan, which are already importers of technology are in desperate need to upgrade the skills of its workforce.

Employers on the other hand gets a workforce that has:

  • Work-ready skills
  • Hands-on experience
  • Industry compatibility
  • Technically sound and updated

Along with government initiatives, the need is to introduce Vocational education that highly valued, well-funded, and effectively implemented. This is the only way to tackle the youth employability woes in Pakistan.

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