Hunar se Hunarmand: The Hunar Foundation empowering students with special needs

The Hunar Foundation’s (THF) vision is to see ‘A Skilled Pakistan’, we take great pains to provide technical training to young boys and girls from lesser privileged background and help them become bread-earners.

However, this vision is incomplete without inclusion of those who are physically challenged. In a country like Pakistan where a vast majority of people with disabilities are at disadvantage in the educational arena, THF has taken a step to address this issue by partnering with NOWPDP and started a program to provide technical training to differently abled persons.

Abdul Sami is one such individual who received technical training at THF’s Delhi Mercantile Society Technical Institute in Karachi under this program and now financially supporting his family.

Here’s what he has to say:

Graduation Ceremony held at Central Vocational Institute

The Hunar Foundation Central Vocational Institute held its graduation ceremony on April 30th 2018.

It was a proud occasion for the instructors and the girls, as all their efforts of the past 6 months were being recognized.

The graduates were given certificates by Mr. Mehdi Hasnain (CEO-THF), Mr. Nasiruddin (Head of Grants-THF) and renowned comedian Mr. Ayaz Khan.

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Hunar Se Hunarmand: THF students making metal gate

The first part of the video series ‘Hunar Se Hunarmand’ shows how the students of welding trade from The Hunar Foundation’s (THF) DMSTI learned to make a metal gate and installed one at the institute.

The series ‘Hunar Se Hunarmand’ is aimed at showcasing technical training that students receive at THF institutes across Pakistan.

Enjoy the video:

Former banker donates lifetime earnings worth crores to The Hunar Foundation

Mr. Salim Ahmad Zubairi with his daughter Ms. Fatima Zubairi Masud. PHOTO CREDIT: HUNAR

Not all heroes wear capes and star in blockbuster movies. In fact, the real heroes just quietly do what needs to be done and change the lives of others.

One such shining example is of Mr. Salim Ahmad Zubairi, a former prominent banker, who has donated earnings of his lifetime to The Hunar Foundation (THF), an NPO working to empower the marginalized youth with technical skills through its six Institutes across Pakistan.

Mr. Zubairi has donated to THF his share holdings in multiple listed companies as well as an apartment in Clifton. The total worth of the stocks and the apartment, which is located at a prime location in Clifton, Karachi, is around Rs.130 Million.

While talking to media, Mr, Zubairi said, “Allah gave me whatever I have and today I’m returning it to Him.”

Speaking on the occasion, THF Chairman Mr. Aslam Khaliq lauded Mr. Zubairi’s remarkable act of generosity and urged every good citizen to come forward and follow on the same footsteps.